I led my tutor group to third from bottom on sports day. Previously they had been dead last for the past two years.

The representatives from my school were the best behaved on a weekend trip.

I persuaded Mason to leave the room with a little less fuss than usual.

Terri handed her homework in on time and it wasn’t too bad.

Mark let go of Conroy when I asked him to.

Phillipa is going to go for the higher rather than the foundation.

I made a joke and they couldn’t stop laughing.

Jay spoke.

It looks like they read the comment and are taking my advice.

Hannah likes the book and she’s going to read the next one.

Aisha told me what was bothering her, we’re doing something about it.

I got that marking finished early and I’m having a beer.

It’s stuff like this that gets me through the day sometimes. Mundane joys and small victories. When you’re up against it these things can be really easy to forget. It might not mean a damn thing to anyone else and others may even consider it trivial. But it’s not.

It’s not epic, paradigm shifting practice. It’s getting by.

And sometimes that’s more than enough.



  1. Clive Nutton

    Friday afternoon. 10 yr 9 and 10 kids on alternative provision. Managed to keep 6 in the classroom. 4 did some work. Yesssss!

    • tstarkey1212

      That’s the stuff – take it where you can get it. My best one this week was making one of mine smile. Once. In a two-hour lesson.

  2. travellingandteaching

    Thank you for this post – I’ve just started at a school where the culture is MILES different from my previous school (where 95% of the kids completed all of the work every lesson). I keep being told I’m doing good things, but it’s hard to see when it’s only something like 50% of the kids doing a little work, and maybe 20% of those are actually working at their full potential. Thank you for reminding me to think about the little wins! 🙂

    • tstarkey1212

      My pleasure! It’s especially difficult to try to appreciate the small things when you’re in a new environment. Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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