It’s the first day of my Easter break and as I sit here on the sofa in my pants, slowly but diligently working my way through my second family bucket of chicken (extra greasy) and washing it down with my fourth White Russian (extra Russian) I’ve realised that it’s been a year and a day since I wrote my first post for this blog.

As I now can’t move from the sofa I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to write a quick cheers to everyone who’s given up their precious time to read the damn thing. When I started I had no idea what form it’d take – all I knew is that I wanted some of the glory and power that went with sending inane and slightly frightening scribblings out into the wide world of the interwebs and now, because of you, I have it. It’s mine. ALL MINE! BWAHAHAHA!

Besides that (and the masses of riches and my crew of monkey butlers) I hope it’s been some use; I hope it’s made you smile or made you think a bit if you’re so inclined and I hope it’ll continue to do so until I can afford to have some minion ghostwrite it for me as I lounge around.

Anyhoo, here’s to you guys.

Thank you



One comment

  1. Jill Berry

    Your posts have made me smile AND made me think, Thomas – so thank you.

    Dive back into the bucket now….

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