This one is basically an extended plug. But it’s an extended plug for a good cause so I’m going to beg your indulgence you wonderful people. Whilst you’re at it I’m also going to partake in some shameless self-promotion at the same time so, you know…double trouble.

A couple of weeks ago I got to attend the book launch of this fine tome right here:


Reason was that I’ve got a couple of pages in it giving a bit of advice on post-compulsory education. They aren’t bad (even if I do say so myself) but it’s not the best section in there. Not even in the top twenty. Don’t Change the Light Bulbs features some extremely insightful, practical advice from a bunch of people who care deeply about education. Also, it’s structured such a way that you pick a page at random, and on it will be a tasty teaching morsel ready to be chewed upon. It’s like a sushi tray of suggestions. A wedding buffet of wisdom. A smorgasbord of…well, you get the general idea. The proceeds go to an extremely good cause which you can learn about here:

I talked to a representative of the charity at the launch and afterwards I felt extremely lucky to be asked to be part of it by Rachel Jones (whose hard work resulted in the book being put together).

So here’s the thing – the more people buy the book, the more money can be made, the more good can be done. Fairly straight forward I reckon. You can buy the book here:

I’m going to ask you a favour as well – if you don’t fancy buying the book yourself (perfectly understandable, not all of us like shelling out our hard-earned on teaching stuff – me included) and you work in a primary, secondary, college, uni, pru, or anywhere where people do the learning and the teaching an’ that would you talk to the person who does buy the books for CPD or the library and see if they’ll get a copy in? Yes, it’s for a good cause, but I also think it contains some pretty stellar advice that’ll actually be really useful for anyone in the glamorous game of education. Speaking of which – here’s me with a daft look on my face with my pages:


Thanks for that lovelies. Here endeth the plug.

Still with me? Eyyyy…you’ve always been my favourite. You’re not like all the rest of the rabble, yous.

Ten years ago I’d never have been asked to contribute to a book. Or a magazine. Or a bi-monthly leaflet on belly lint for that matter. Now, because of Twitter, the blog, and a huge vat of luck I find that some of the things that are in my brain get on to pieces of paper that other people read. Teach Secondary Magazine and the TES have both been kind enough to put some of my feverish ramblings in their publications and at the moment I’m also writing a book (yes, me as well). That along with still working full time and making sure that I don’t drop the ball in that area means I’ve had to spend a little less time on the things that got me to this point. I’m going to try really hard to keep up with the blog but there’s a chance that the posts might get a little more sporadic (well, even more sporadic) so I thought I’d apologise beforehand to you good people.

Stay with me though – there’s still a lot of fun to be had.




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