About Me and the Blog

My name’s Tom Starkey. I’m a teacher and writer. This blog will hopefully contain reflection on my work and some of the wider issues in education at the moment. I may well try to slip in a small measure of cheeky pop-culture if I get bored. This is me on a train trying to look learn-ed:

'Hello. I'm trying to look learned.'

‘Hello. I’m trying to look learn-ed.’

I’m on twitter @tstarkey1212, you can email me at tomstarkeyteaching@gmail.com or other ways to get in contact can be found here. Ta.


  1. Sue Frankland

    Hello Tom, John and I loved the blog- very entertaining and thought provoking. Love from two old dinosaur teachers. Love, Sister Number One and John in Bottisham xxx

  2. Elissa Hudson

    Hi Tom,

    What’s the best email to catch you on about getting involved in a children’s charity campaign?


  3. Ed Sallis

    Dear Tom. I liked your piece on Functional Skills on the Soiety for Education and Training website. The more we can do to make Functional Skills known the better. Keep up the good work. Ed Sallis

  4. artteacher252

    I recently discovered this blog and am laughing out loud because you say what I’m thinking exactly- only funnier. It’s good to know that teachers from all over the world share similar hilarious and daunting experiences!

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